Our Healing Hope team including top medical experts carefully chose the top conventional as well as natural/adjunctive products to facilitate the healing process and for optimal health and wellness.

From prevention to cutting edge solutions, we will provide updates and featured products of the month.

Natural products may not be FDA approved though are clinically proven to be successful.

To contribute a product please email: for additional information.

  • 72Meditations

    Intonation at the Speed of Sound - The sounds on this cd help us to awaken the healer within. This is the first time using computer technology that these sounds have been made available to us.

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  • MILA

    The Miracle Seed is gluten–free, trans–fat free, sugar–free, high in fiber and protein, has no taste or smell and can be deliciously combined with many foods!...

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  • ZeroPoint Earth Hearts

    These are heart-shaped, adhesive "stickers" with proprietary ZPG frequencies infused into fine crystals that are adhered onto it.

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  • ZeroPoint Pendant

    Worn as a necklace, bracelet, or in your pocket, this set of simple, non-intrusive and visually stunning stones deliver the essential daily protection wherever you are while giving your body the full spectrum of benefits the zero-point technology offers.

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  • ZeroPoint Red NaturaLaser Pointer

    The Red Naturalaser Pointer has been energized and programmed with 60 essential Blueprint frequencies, primarily for the muscular system and skin.

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  • ZeroPoint ZAP System

    The Zeropoint Aqua Purification "ZAP" System is a self-contained, environmentally safe, water filtration and water conditioning System.

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  • Introducing a Simple-to-Use Natural Vitamin D3 Spray

    The latest breakthrough in vitamin D3 supplementation does NOT come as a pill, tablet, capsule, gelcap, or liquid. Amazingly, it's D3 in an easy-to-use pre-metered spray.

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