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“The use of love is to heal. When it flows without effort from the depth of the self, love creates health”. I have been led along the way in my healing journey to many products that can be life saving; life altering, life enhancing and life extending. Preventative measures and emergency devices are the first things I recommend for safety and being able to get the right help when needed, These items are critical for children with food and drug allergies; for anyone at any age with any medical conditions/or cognitive impairments; for anyone living alone; for the elderly population to assist them to maintain their independence and live at home longer; and for saving lives in emergency situations when seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

On May 5, 2008, I lay gasping for air on my bedroom floor, due to a severe pulmonary condition. My heart went into sinus tachychardia,and felt like it was beating a thousand times a minute. I was in severe pulmonary distress and I felt as though I was not going to survive. I had the frightening experience of not even having the breath to summon emergency help on my own. I thought my world was coming to an end, I remember thinking,” I can’t believe this is happening, I have so much more to do and to live for’, and ‘ ‘I am too young to die’. As I started to say my goodbye’s to those I loved, I looked upward and prayed for g-d to please give me the breath to call ‘911’ for emergency help. It was a miracle that I was then able to whisper into the phone for help to be sent. I only wish I had owned a HOME EMERGENCY MEDICAL ALERT device at that time, so I wouldn’t have had to experience the horrific fear of almost not being able to get the critical help I needed in time. I want others, both young and old, to feel safe and protected ‘24/7’, and to own a medical alert device, before instead of after the fact. Owning one can save your life!

After this frightening ‘911’ experience, the first part of my ‘healing mission’ became apparent. I knew I had to devote myself to help save others lives and then to provide the tools and vehicles for obtaining optimum health and healing. Most of us protect our cars, our homes and our health via insurance, though we often don’t know or think of the importance of how to best protect ourselves should a medical or any other emergency occur. The first line of defense and protection for all ages should be a home medical alert system. My first goal is to provide education regarding tools that are essential, especially when critical seconds count. I hope to spread the messege regarding the necessity of home and portable emergency devices for prevention, protection and peace of mind and above all, for being able to summon and receive emergency medical care before it is too late, as it almost was in my case.

Injuries and complications can be minimized and lives can be saved simply by having a direct link to dispatch emergency care. A dispatcher will stay on line and speak to you, to keep you calm until help arrives. In addition to contacting and receiving help, your emergency contacts are notified, and the system has a record of critical information including your physician; hospital of choice; any medications you are taking and/or allergic to; and your spare key location/or contact. A system that has an A plus rating, by the BBB (better business bureau), and with waterproof wrist, clip-on and pendant options is recommended. I am very grateful my family ordered a med alert device for me. It is very comforting to know I will always be able to summon emergency help now should I ever need it again, when even seconds can make a signifcant difference.

A medical alert is essential for anyone, at any age, with any medical conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular or pulmonary disorders; anyone who lives alone; and/or who wants to feel safe and sercure. In addition, any elderly persons who own a unit is also able to live at home an average of six years longer and will remain more independent, without limiting their normal daily activity.

Another emergency device that speaks for you when you are unable to, a PERSONAL FLASH DRIVE (electronic medical record), would also have helped greatly when the paramedics arrived. I was asked many questions that I was unable to provide answers to, including the cause of my breathing distress; my medical history; and where my drivers license and insurance card were, I now have a portable flash drive device which can store drug and medical info including MRI’s, X-rays, EKG’s, as well as your living will or directives for emergency personnel. This device is great for anyone with any medical conditions, living alone, traveling, and basically anyone who wants to be safe! A sticker on your license will inform medical personnel that you own a flash drive device.

The GPS MED ALERT Travel System , allows seniors to travel anywhere in the United States and have help at their fingertips. The small self contained pendant can be clipped on or carried in a purse or pocket and activated when needed. The 911 Certified Operator can locate persons immediately and summon help,. This 911 ALERT SYTEM with state of the art GPS tracking is the only one which works everywhere . MEDICAL ALERT ID cards contain instant access to your medical profile, ‘your medical info in your pocket’. Medical personnel can readily obtain critical medical and contact informat,ion, as well as access to your Secure Online Medical Profile Information. Your CERTIFIED 100% SECURE medical profile website allows you to store and retrieve vital medical information. New records/information can be added immediately from any computer using the simple user friendly website. This service is a great way for caregivers to keep track of the medications being taken by a loved ones, especially seniors and those suffering with mental/cognitive issues. MEDICAL ID JEWELRY can also provide critical medical information, engraved via different modern styled bracelets and necklaces, including charms, sportsbands, dog tags, pendants, and medical ID bands for children. Medical ID jewelry is highly recommended for persons taking blood thinners, with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, drug allergies, food allergies, memory impairment, pacemaker/defibrillator or other implant, seizures, etc.

These ‘911’ devices would have helped greatly in my emergency situation. I want others to be informed and have protection before they may need them! Preventative measures and emergency devices are imperative for security, safety, and being able to get the right help when needed.

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